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What you Should Know About Tungsten Rings

Sep - 13 - 2016
Richard Kelley

Tungsten bands are known to provide sleek contemporary styles. However, is tungsten the right material for your wedding ring? It is important to understand the cons and pros of the ring, best styles, and what to avoid. Moreover, you need to understand various shopping tips, what Tungsten rings are, and what they offer.

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First, you need to understand what tungsten is. Ideally, tungsten is a chemical element with excellent properties. It is also known as wolfram. Compared to metallic items in the periodic table, this element offers both highest tensile strength and melting point. These two properties explain why it is extremely durable.

You should note that tungsten wedding rings are not made of pure tungsten. Rather they are usually made of tungsten carbide. This is because pure tungsten is quite hard to work with. Thus, it is only used in industrial applications. When it comes to jewelry, it is found in carbide form.

The carbide form is created through a combination of carbon atoms and tungsten. What results is a fine powder that is mixed with binders such as cobalt or nickel. This way, it is crafted in various shapes such as wedding rings and razor blades.

These rings have a broad range of features such as high tensile strength and high melting point. Tungsten Rings are also resistant to scratching and ordinary wear and tear caused by abrasion. They also have a light gray color that is quickly darkened with the brush finishing processes.
It has a moderate electrical and heat conductivity properties. Thus, if it is a concern, then you may consider going for wooden rings.



This is the major advantage of the tungsten rings. In fact, they are unyielding, and there is no situation when they can bend like other materials. Other than this, they exhibit high resistance to tarnishing. It explains why they are not tarnished quickly. This is one of the things that attract men to them.

Maintenance Free

inserting a wedding ringThis is another advantage of tungsten rings. You should note that rings made of materials such as silver, gold, and platinum require routine polishing. This is because they lose their shine with time due to regular tear and wear. After polishing them, they remain sparkling and brilliant for an extended period.

Tungsten rings symbolize everlasting love. As you know, marriage vows show devotion and long-lasting devotion between the wife and husband. Though these rings may have their cons too, they are great and can be used for nearly any occasion.

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