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workOne challenge many women face is usually choosing the right makeup and attire for a corporate environment in the office.

Without any doubt, looking professional and competent is incredibly important and knowing how to look more pretty at work is usually of paramount importance. Even though this does call for putting aside that glittery eyeliner, it doesn’t in any way imply that you have to be bare faced.

The trick is usually to find that look which enhances your overall natural beauty.

It is important to make an effort to stand out from the crowd but ensure your looks are not distracting. Always keep in mind that you want people to keenly listen to what you are saying without necessarily being mesmerized by your hot red lip gloss. For your lips, go for subtle colors, such as nude pink and a matte look.

For your eyes, make sure you start with a good base. When using foundations and concealers, make sure your base isn’t too pasty or thick. Steer clear of dewy skin, it usually tends to get shiny and this doesn’t look so good when you are under pressure. Matte is the best option in most case here; make a point of carrying some blotting papers and powder to matte down during lunchtime touchups. Keep your eyebrows neat and tidy and don’t over-pluck them, strong brows are bound to give you a gorgeous look.

For clothes, it is advisable to try and remain as feminine as possible. Choose dresses that show your femininity without revealing too much skin. Wear dresses or pieces that show your waist such as waist dresses or coats. Be careful about tight pants such as skinny’s and mini-skirts, even though they can be worn, you should make sure they are not too tight in the case of skinny’s or too short in the case of mini-skirts; always keep in mind that your intention is not to distract fellow employees or clients but to look presentable and professional. In terms of colors, even though discreet colors such as gray, navy blue, and black are the more preferred, you should not be constricted by the same. You can always drop in some bright and lively colors, always opt for plain lively colors though and desist from heavily patterned clothes since they rarely look official or formal.


Whichever look you opt for, make sure it is a low maintenance and relatively simple look; this is because you are most likely to be short of time in the morning and you don’t really want to be spending an hour or two in the morning in front of the mirror getting your pretty look. Lastly, the trick on how to look more pretty at work largely lies with you, make sure you get a look that not only makes you feel amazing but comfortable as well. You should always strive to portray a positive impression about your workplace at all times.

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