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Razor Shaving vs. Using an Epilator

Feb - 22 - 2017
Richard Kelley

There are many hair removal methods, but the most common one is razor shaving. The reason for the popularity of razor shaver might be due to the availability of the shaving razors and also because it requires little or no skill. On the other hand, we now have epilation as a hair removal, during epilation, you use an epilator to remove hair. An epilator is an electric device that is used to remove hair from the root. There are many types of epilators, and this will depend on your budget and how you want to use the epilator.

Comparing shaving and epilation

Hair removal method

A shaving razor will remove hair from the top and will remove hair that has already grown on thRazor shavere skin. On the other hand, an epilator removes hair from the root of the skin, and this includes hair that has not yet grown.

The result of this is that epilation is a longer lasting method of hair removal while razor shaving is just temporary. Removing hair from the root means that you will spend a little more time before you decide to shave your hair once again. This shows you that epilation is more efficient compared to razor shaving.

Pain and cost

Many people will argue that hair removal using the epilation method is quite painful. This may be true especially for the dry method of epilation. However, we now have a new method of wet epilation which can be used with the new epilators to reduce pain.

When it comes to cost, epilation is quite expensive considering that you have to invest in a good epilator, and this might be expensive. A razor shaver is the least expensive method because razors are cheaper. However, you need to change them from time to time and this is likely to be expensive in the long-run.

Safety and side effectsrwerwerewew

If you are looking for a safe method of hair removal that has no side effects then using epilation is one of the best methods. Using a shaving razor, you are likely to get cuts on the skin of you are not careful. Shaving leaves bumps on the skin and the skin is likely to remain rough after shaving.

Epilation is one of the most effective methods that guarantees you safety, and you do not have to worry about getting cuts and injuring yourself. The best thing about epilation is the fact that it leaves your skin smooth just like it was before hair removal. No one will even notice that you underwent a hair removal procedure.

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