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How to find a good spa

Feb - 17 - 2016
Richard Kelley

There is no better place to relax and get rid of life’s pressure than at a spa. A good spa should leave you relaxed, pampered, rejuvenated, refreshed and reinvigorated.

The challenge lies in knowing which spa is best for you. This can be attributed to the rise in demand for spa services which has been extremely heartwarming. Due to this many people have ventured into this business some professional. Below are handy tips on how to find a good spa.

Understand the various types of spas available

Spas come in different varieties, each with a given specialization. The types of spas available include day, medical, and destination spas. Day spas are usually impromptu and offer general spa treatments. You can book in for a few hours or the whole day. Medical spas on the other hand offer both traditional spa services and nonsurgical cosmetic procedures. Medical spas strictly work with licensed professionals. Resort spas are very common and they offer more than the basic spa services. You can register for yoga, hiking, swimming and other family fun activities.

Know your main purpose for going to the spa

Having known the different types of spas available, discern what you intend to achieve by the treatment. This will guide you in knowing what spa is good for you. For instance, if you just want regular spa treatments then a day spa would be ideal for you. On the contrary if you want the spa for fitness purposes and detailed professional services then a medical or resort spa can do.

Know the various types of treatment and services offered at these spas

This is more like getting to know what to expect when you finally book. Some spas will claim to offer a wide range of services yet they do not. It will require you to do some research but it’s worth it. You should be aware of things like massages, hot stone therapy, facials, body wraps and many more.

Look at the hygiene

Cleanliness should top your list of things to look for in a good spa. Do not hesitate to ask one of the staff to take you round. This is because a spa which does not value hygiene usually harbors bacteria and fungi and promotes the spread of infections among clients.

Find out the reputation and experience of the spa

Ask around from friends, relatives and colleagues what their experiences have been when they visited different spas. You can also go online for customer reviews. Also get to know how experienced the staff are as well as the kind of training and certifications they possess.

Compare the costs

Try and find out what the prevailing rates are for different services. Some spas can decide to charge you exorbitantly yet offer low quality services. Cheap is not necessarily the best, just ensure you get the value for your money.


The level of customer care

A spa with pushy and arrogant personnel will not leave you relaxed. Instead choose a spa whose staff display excellent customer service skills. This can be based on how they talk, and handle issues. Also look at the manner in which they interact with you during treatment.


Finding a good spa can be an uphill task but you can sail through with the right information. Just understand your purpose for going there and the various spa services. A good spa will make your session special, and full of total wellness.

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