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Dress That Attracts Men

Jun - 15 - 2015
Richard Kelley

What type of dress attracts men?

This is one of the most common questions that ponders in women’s mind. To answer this question, I will first review the review the law of attraction.

According to the law of attraction, girls are easily attracted men who appear healthy and stress-free. On the contrary, men are visual creatures; they look at the sexual or physical attraction.Guy looking to woman's butt

Although many sociologists argue that girl’s behavior matters more than anything else, in the real sense, physical appearance comes first; if you want make a guy desire you, you must get his attention right away. This is the reason sexual attraction matter very much.

The following are sure guide on how to dress to attract a man.

Dresses that reveal curves /show little skin

As stated earlier, guys are attracted to girls who can accentuate their curves. You curves reflect how much you value your body. A little exposure your legs through normal length shorts, skinny jeans or a short skirt is enough. Men who get to see you healthy long legs, arms, waist, and breast will associate this with fertility.

Whenever you are dressing for any occasion, don’t fail to expose your curves and skin. However, ensure you are comfortable and do not over-expose as if you have dressed for a bedtime romance. It is good to leave some mystery for the guys.

Sexy lady in black cloth Avoid too much cover-up

Wearing many glitters in booty shorts, shoes, or blouse is a big no. It is always noble to wear make-ups that you and other people are comfortable with. Wearing too low rise pant to the point of exposing your thong is not only embarrassing but also unacceptable. If you are looking to attract a good man, avoid too much cover-up.


Another very important factor you should consider is the color of your wardrobe. Many men are attracted to the red color. Red color is not only provocative but also speaks a lot about a woman. Lastly, bring your personality to the dress

A very important pint you should not forget is your personality. Adding some bling or a pair of pink diamond earrings will highlight your vibrant personality. Lastly, ensure your match the accessories colors to your dress.att3

Remember, you should always look comfortable and confidence. Men are attracted to women who are confident no matter what they are wearing. If you have been asking, what type of dress attracts men? The following are very important tips.

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