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Shopping tips for your Prom

For some girls, prom is their last moment in teenager before they finally become an adult, and for students, it’s their last moment for being a high school student. One thing that rings the bell when we mention prom are dresses, yes, girls dressing up and being pretty for the night, and perhaps you’re one of those girls. If you’re thinking to shop for a dress, make sure to read this article as we provided several tips on how to make shopping for your prom, less stressful.

Shop early

Whatever you need for the prom be it shoes, dress, makeup, accessories and even purses, make sure that you do it early. Shopping everything that you need earlier will give you a huge advantage as you have a lot of time to choose without the pressure of buying a dress that you don’t like because it’s on the last minute and you have no choice. Abiballkleider kurz is one of the websites where you can buy dresses for prom, make sure that you check it out in case you’re going to buy a new dress for the prom.

Tip: shopping early means that you have a lot of time, and this free time can be used in case your dress needs to be altered or you want to trade it with another dress (in case the shop allows it.)

Don’t just try your dresses on

In case you’re shopping for a dress, don’t just wear it in the fitting room because chances are it can get uncomfortable, or maybe you don’t like the way it sways on your body. Take the dress that you’re wearing on a test drive, try walking around and sitting in them, make sure that you choose a dress that fits your liking and ensuring that your comfort is not sacrificed that badly.

Don’t buy on the same day

In case you’ve been to the shop and already tried on some dresses, take some pictures of you in the dress (make sure to ask for permission.) Doing this will give you some time to compare the dresses that you’ve tried on when you go home, and once you’re sure of what you want, you can buy the dress tomorrow.

Tip: if you’re unsure of what dress to buy, try to ask your friend or family member as they can give an opinion on different perspectives regarding the dress.…

Best Lipstick Color

Whether married, in a relationship, or single most women want to look their very best to impress their partners, coworkers, friends and family as well as the grocery clerk and bank attendant.

Lipstick comes in many different color and shades, but which is the most stylish and attractive? The best color may vary fromlip person to person and depend on hair color, skin tone, the color of your eyes and what types of outfits you wear.

However certain shades and colors go in and out of fashion and certain shades work better than others, depending on what you look like before you put on makeup.

Fashion experts mostly agree that if your eyes are green or hazel, cherry red lipstick usually will enhance the color of your eyes. Meanwhile blue eyes tend to work best with coral color hues, -the opposite on the color map. The blue is complemented by the orange without overpowering the natural beauty of your eyes’ color. If you are a brown eyed woman, you should think pick as the brown coloring is balanced by rosy tones while also giving you a wide awake and refreshed kind of look.

Your hair should also guide you, auburn hair is complemented well by lip stick shades with violet undertones. If you have blonde hair, whether ashy or light, shades of pink, even dark shades of pink, is probably the best lipstick color. Brown haired women have a broad range of possibilities, brunettes all look great with orange, red, and violet hues. Which is the best for you, you must determine with other factors besides hair color in mind.

Also recommended in choosing lipstick color is determining your skin’s undertone. So how do you find your skin’s undertone? The proper method in making this determination can be done by looking at your wrists’ underside in natural sunlight, veins that appear bright blue means that you have a cool undertone whereas green veins means you have warm toned skin. Those who have cool undertones in their skin should choose from pinks and berries. Meanwhile Salmons, peaches, and corals will work best if you have warm toned skin.

lip2Determining the best lipstick ultimately is done best by consider the three factors mentioned. As always, you may lean one way or another depending on what color outfit you are planning to wear and if you are trying to make a fashion statement by standing out from what everyone else who share similar traits as you wears on any given day as well as you are dressing up for a special occasion or simply going about your day.…

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