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Lash extensions are artificial lashes added to natural lashes. Synthetic lashes are organic and lightweight, and this makes them comfortable to wear. These special additions add some length and enhance the appearance of eye lashes making them look thick. The combined effect of these two features will leave you looking like you have just stepped out of the salon. That said, here are some frequently asked questions about lash extensions answered.

Do they hurt?


Anyone looking to have some lash extension should be interested in how the procedure will be like. The last thing anyone looking for a lash extension would want is pain or discomfort after the procedure. Lash extensions should not hurt provided professionals apply them.

How will I look with lash extensions?

If you want to have lash extensions for the first time, you might be worried about the possibility of having them look fake. The good thing about this extension is that you no longer have to worry about having a fake look. Lash extensions can be applied according to your preferences or something close to your desired look. Usually, lash extensions do not look fake unless that is the look you want.

Do lash extensions last?

Most lash extensions take at least 4-8 weeks to bond. When it comes to how long they last, these additions will last as long as your natural lashes. Most people lose 1 – 4 natural lashes per day. As such, it is advisable to go for a fill after every 3 – 4 weeks. However, the frequency depends on the genetics of the concerned individual.

Can lash extensions damage natural extensions?

AsaSAAsThere is a risk of damaging natural lashes if the artificial ones are applied poorly. As such, to avoid damage or loss of natural lashes, it is advisable to work with a professional lash artist. Only a Certified artist can apply an extension with the right weight to protect the integrity of your natural lash. For you own safety, it is advisable to work with certified lash artists only.

How much do lash extensions cost?

The costs of lash extensions vary considerably. The charges depend on the expertise of the artist and the salon. Ideally, this implies that costs for these services might vary significantly depending on where you are. Thus, it is advisable to shop around and get the best services at an affordable price.

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